How To Download Scribd Documents Free

Now download the Scribd Documents free. Scribd is the ultimate destination for people who love reading quality research articles. But not all the documents are free and you have to pay for subscription fees. There are certain methods that can help you Download Scribd Documents Free. Let us check it out.

Introduction of Scribd

Scribd is widely known as the “YouTube” of documents. Initially, it acted as a platform for anyone to publish and host their documents and writing online. The original idea was to publish the creator’s father’s medical research on a platform where no obligation of payment for publication and wait over a year for the documents to be published was mandatory.

It turned out in 2009 to be one of the best platforms for selling digital copies of work online as it signed a deal with big names like the New York Times, Huffington Post, TechCrunch and many other blogs to host their documents. It is now a day a very famous destination for those who love reading research articles.

Is Scribd Free to use?

Once Scribd signed a deal with big wigs, it has turned out into an online subscription service. It offers ready to read millions of eBooks, comics, and much more with a monthly subscription just like Netflix. Scribd is used by millions of people to share and host online documents using the platform built by the site itself.

The site has a collection of historical papers, political documents, poll results and many other categories in the documents section. It is very useful for students as well and you can find tons of quality research articles. However, reviewing these articles are free but downloading these documents to your computer is not free at all.

Download Scribd Documents Free
Scribd Site

Will you pay for documents?

There can be multiple reasons and multiple ways to answer this question. First, it is advised to avoid using someone else writings without his consent and even paying for it. Second, you may be sued by the person whose work you use. Third, it is also ethically not right to use someone’s work.

But at the same time, paying a monthly subscription of $8.99 or more can be a hard job for people especially for students. This is where downloading Scribd documents free is necessary to cater to the needs of students.

How To Download Scribd Documents Free

There are three methods that I am going to show in order to download Scribd documents free. These methods may work for some or may not work for others depending upon the region you live in. Let us start with method one.

Uploading Documents Method

This method seems one of the most genuine ways to download Scribd documents free. This method works for most of the people and I am pretty sure it will work for you too but if it doesn’t work, do let me know in the comment section.

In this method, you will sign up to the site and you will upload your very own document in order to gain access to the document you wish to download. For this reason, you need to sign up to the site, create your account, and follow the rest of this article.

Download Scribd Documents Free
Scribd Sign up page

After you have set up your account, then search for the document of your interest by writing its name in the search bar and open it by clicking on it.

Download Scribd Documents Free

Once you find the document, click on it and it will take you to the page from where you will see “Download Now” button. As soon as you click the download button, you will be redirected to page designed to help you set up your Scribd subscription, complete with a 30-day free trial.

This is what we are trying to avoid because it will ask for payment information and our goal is to download Scribd documents for free. So head down towards the bottom of the page unless you see the “Start Uploading” option.

Click on the “Start Upload” button and you will see a pop up where you can upload a documet in exchange of another document. If you think you don’t have a document with valuable content, then you can simply add any meaningless page created in Word or any other software.

You have to keep in mind that the document has at least two or three pages so that Scribd will accept the upload. After you have created a file, go to Scribd site and upload the recently created document. When your document is uploaded, provide a title for the new file and hit Submit.

Once you complete the whole process and hit the upload button, a new pop up will appear offering you to download the original document which you wanted to download. It will ask you for format in which you want to download the document. After choosing the format of your choice, click the download button and you will have a copy of paid document for free.

Page “Source Code” Method

The second method in order to download Scribd documents free is the page source code method. We will be playing with the source code of the preview page of the document you want to download. This method is a hit and trial method, so you can never be so sure about it.

Choose the Right Browser

For this method, the preffered browser is Mozilla Firefox. The former method that we described was performed on Google Chrome but we can’t use Google Chrome for this method because Chrome generates a “.swf” file that never manages to download.

There is a diverse collection of documents on Scribd like Novel, Comic books and other lengthy document but we recommend to use this method only for documents and other sources for your projects, papers, and research especially the one required for your academics.

Inside the document preview page, click on view page source which will open a new tab showing your source information. This page might not look so pleasing to eyes as it is full of coding and looks like this.

In this page press “Ctrl+F” which will enable search and write ” access_key ” in the search panel. Once you have found the result, copy the code to your computer, which will appear like “key-xxxxxxxxxxxx” as an alphanumeric code.

Come back to the original page of your document and look for the URL. In this, we are actually looking for the document ID number in the URL. The URL will appear as “ TITLE”. And we will be extracting information related to Number in this URL.

Now open a new tab in Firefox, in order to create a new URL using the information provided us by both the access key, the document ID number, and the following partial URL “”.

Once you have pasted the above URL into a new tab of Firefox, just replace the number with document ID and the Access Key portion with the Access Key that you collected earlier. After pressing enter, wait for a few minutes as your documents begin to download from the Scribd servers.

Once your document finish the page loading, use the print option to print to PDF and save it to your device. If this method doesn’t work, you will receive an error message from Scribd.

The GreaseMonkey Scripts Method

This method will also require using Firefox as we will be using one of multiple different Greasemonkey scripts to download the document. We will be using an extension called GreaseMonkey which is a Firefox only extension.

You can easily install Greasemonkey from the Firefox plugin store and follow this site in order to install the Scribd Greasemonkey extension. There are multiple of these that are present online and you have to try unless you find the best suit for you.

Once you have successfully installed the extension, you will be able to download the Scribd documents for free from within your browser. Scribd is constantly updating their site, so it can never be said so confidently that it will work every time. But it is worth a try.


Scribd is a platform designed to have paid content on its site. So it would never allow you to get the paid content fro free. It means that the above methods are not that perfect and upon a specific update, none of them might not work for you.

If you find any issues while applying methods mentioned above for Downloading Scribd Documents Free, you can contact us through the comment section.

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