How To Download A YouTube Playlist

YouTube gets over a million views daily and some people just crazy about streaming YouTube, but there are people that still want to watch YouTube videos offline. This tutorial will guide you on How To Download A YouTube Playlist.

What is YouTube Playlist?

A YouTube playlist is just a collection of random individual videos that are linked together by some common factor the compiler of the playlist decides makes sense. It can be a collection of anything like you can make a playlist of videos by the same artist, TV shows in the same series, a mix of tracks in the same genre, or something completely different.

The playlist can be arranged in any order by the online media creator of the individual videos. Not only on YouTube, playlists are so popular among other services like Spotify where you can also create your own playlist.

Why download a YouTube Playlist?

No matter what, YouTube will always be the first choice of online video content lovers. Although we stream YouTube online, many people (sometimes including me) prefer to download a YouTube playlist so they can watch videos while offline. There can be multiple reasons like a few mentioned below.

  • Sometimes we have a fast connection in one place but a slow connection one in others
  • While traveling where you don’t have access to the internet
  • Don’t want to utilize your data package by streaming online again and again
  • You want to make a movie or a short clip of the videos in the playlist
Download a Youtube playlist
Youtube Playlist

Download A Complete YouTube Playlist

There are multiple ways where you can download a YouTube playlist, and we will discuss here three of the most popular ways that will help you download a YouTube playlist.

Download A YouTube Playlist With The VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is one of the most famous and widely used media players. Actually the VLC is a cross-platform video utility toolbox that you can use on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. What makes VLC so good is that it can play most multimedia formats and even play your DVDs, CDs.

It has tons of hidden tricks up its sleeve. Out of those tricks, is one to download media from streaming sites so you can watch offline later. The downside to this is that you have to manually save each track. Follow the below steps to download a YouTube Playlist using VLC media player.

  • We assume that you have already VLC in your system. If you don’t have click here to download.
  • Then open the VLC media player and select Media from the top menu.
  • Go to Network Stream and select it.
  • Copy the playlist URL from YouTube, paste it into the Network Stream box and then select Play.
  • Also, you will need to select Tools and Codec Information. (The first video should still be playing in the background.)
  • Copy the data in the Location box at the bottom.
  • Paste that location data into a browser tab and hit Enter. (The video should now play in your browser.)
  • Right-click anywhere in the browser window and select Save As.
download a youtube playlist

This will download every video in the playlist and you will have to repeat this process for each video. Depending on how many tracks the playlist contains, the download process could take a while.

Downloading a complete YouTube playlist using a VLC media player is one of the best ways to download a YouTube playlist. If you are not a fan of VLC and don’t want to use to download a YouTube playlist, don’t worry we do have another way to do it.

YouTube Playlist

There are tons of third party services for YouTube that help you achieve your goal. YouTube playlist is a website that will select an entire playlist, lines it up, and then download the playlist. It may take a little more time (depends on the playlist). Follow the below steps.

  1. Go to YouTube Playlist and select the title Download YouTube to get around the ad. Not that you Don’t need to download any software even if prompted, there is no need.
  2. Copy the playlist URL from YouTube and paste in the playlist URL into the center box and hit Enter.
  3. Choose the audio format you require.
  4. Wait for the site to collect the playlist data. You can in the blue box the number of videos in the playlist.
  5. Select the green download button next to each track.
download a YouTube playlist
YouTube Playlist

You can’t download the entire playlist with a single click and you have to click each track in the playlist like all you need is to hit Download MP3/MP4 under each track.


This method is for those that are not afraid of the command-line interface as you have to use the CLI terminal to download a YouTube playlist. We assume that you have installed Homebrew on your system.

  1. In the terminal, type: brew install youtube-dl.
  2. Homebrew may need to update first, which is ok. The package should only take a minute or two to install.
Download a Youtube playlist

Now you can start using youtube-dl right away. In order to download a single video, just type youtube-dl (video URL), replacing the (video URL) with the actual URL.

download a youtube playlist
YouTube DL

Downloading a playlist works almost exactly the same way, except that you need to copy and paste the URL to the playlist of videos instead of a specific video.


The methods explained in the articles will help you out in downloading a YouTube playlist, although it can’t download an entire playlist with a single click but still reliable ways to do so. The best part is that you don’t need to download and install any third-party application.

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