How To Get More Filters On Snapchat

Who doesn’t like Snapchat filters and how great it would be if I tell you the secrets of getting more and more filters on Snapchat. In today’s tutorial, I am going to show you tips and tricks on How To Get More Filters On Snapchat.

Snapchat Filters

Snapchat has become insanely popular among pictures enthusiasts with its cool and amzing filters. Snapchat has evolved from a simple picture sharing application to incredible visual technology that offers amazing features.

The famous Dog filter is hidden from none. Snapchat has created some very unique filters like geofilters (based on your location), context-based filters (like time or temperature), and AR filters ( Augmented Reality).

This guide is especially for newbies of Snapchat because if you are a regular Snapchat user, you might be familiar with some of the tweaks mentioned here. So let us dive into how to get even more filters than you can initially see. So let’s being with the process to get more filters on Snapchat.

Enable the Filters

Firs of all you need to enable the filter option if it is not initially enabled. You can do it easily by sliding into the setting of Snapchat, scroll down the  menu until you reach the “Additional Services” category. Then tap “Manage Preference” to set up your snap preferences.

There are many options here on the menu but what we need to find is “Filters”. Once you find “Filters” click on the checkbox to enable it. If you can’t find the filter option, it means that filters are already enabled.

Here is a simple tweak, while enabling the filters, you can also enable the travel mode which will save you some battery life and data usage by not loading snaps in the background while you’re on mobile data.

Using the Filters

Once you have enabled the filters, its time to find out how effectively and efficiently you can use these filters. There are certain filters that are fixed or permenant but some filters are location based like Geofilters and AR filters. Let us find out the types of filters.

The Color filters

Enabled by default, this is one of very basic snapchat filter. You get four different color schemes for changing look of your photo. The first one  smooths out your skin tone and removing the blemishes artificially. Second one is sort of sepia-styled filter.

The next one is a simple black and whu=ite filter to give your photo a classic look. The fourth actually pump the blue levels of your image while also over-saturating specific tones of color enhancing a unique look.

how to Get More Filters on Snapchat
Snapchat Filters

The Overlay filters

The overlay filters are some hot favorite of mine as well because of depicting information on an automated basis. In fact, every overlay filter is used as a sticker for the easier carriage of information. Below are the categories of overlay filters.

Time Filter

The time filter shows the time you made your snap. It keeps the original time as the picture was taken

Speed Filter

This filter detects how fast you’re moving as you take a snap, in case you are in a car or bike or a bullet train. It will show the exact speed.

Temperature Filter

Based on your current location, the temperature filter will depict the exact temperature of your area.

Altitude Filter

The altitude filter is also based on your location which will tell you the altitude that will appear occasionally to display your current height from sea level. Additionally, if you have a full battery or your battery is going to be dead, it displays a happy or sad battery icon available for use.

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The Geofilters

These filters are totally based on your location which means that not every town or city has local Geofilters and certain towns may default to the city they’re near. If you are in a big city like NewYork, you may get multiple Geofilters for the same area.

Day of the Week Filter

These type of filters are similar to that of overlay filters, only they are designed unique, and it depends on your location will keep changing to say your town or city’s name below. It shows these information in graphical form like in cartoons or other animated form.

how to Get More Filters on Snapchat.
Snapchat Filters

The Sponsored Filters

Snapchat also offers sponsored filters like form any category in the world. Simply it shows filter of types regardless of its category, but those who sponsor. It can be from a movie or a carton or recently released game.

This is how Snapchat earns its bucks. If you are a regular user of Snapchat, you must have come across such type of filters. It is clearly mentioned somewhere in the snap “Sponsored” but when you use that filter, it Sponsored tag is removed.

The Bitmoji Filters

Eventhough, bitmoji is a product of standalone company called Bitstrips, but it was acquired by Snapchat in 2016. You might not see this option if you have not created a digital avatar and linked your account to it.

Bitmojis is the most fun type of filter where it comes from stickers within the app. But sometimes it also features your own avatar placed into the filter. These are all the basic features of Snapchat filters. Now let us jump to the additional filters.

Additional Filters

So far we have covered all the basic filters that Snapchat has to offer. All these basic filters are fun and easy to use if you use it on regular basis. However, we are going to show you how you can add other additional filters to polish your Snapchat.

For the ease of understanding, we have divided these filters into three categories. It includes expanded filter usage, AR filters, and custom geofilter. So let us start exploring with first type.

how to Get More Filters on Snapchat.
Snapchat Filters

The Expanded Filters

With the help of expanded filters, you can use two filters at a time. Although there are some sorts of ambiguity from Snapchat regarding this you can swipe through one filter while maintaining an existing filter by swiping through them while holding a finger down on your screen.

It simply means that if you want to display temperature along with day of the week or black and white filter that also shows the time, it is pretty much possible. It has few limitations like filters taking the same space can’t be used together.

Don’t try to use third filter by incorporating your third finger because that won’t work at all. However, there is a simple trick that won’t be using two fingers at a time. Talking about the overlay filters, they have brand new filters if you tap them which offers additional information.

Time Filter

This time filer can become the date filter with tow different formats, like 5/12/2020 or May 12th, 2020, which is quite useful and you can use it to save your event of specific date.

Weather Filter

There are multiple options with this filter. With that being said, if you tap it once, it will show you an hourly forecast of your area, if you tap it twice, it will get you to forecast for three days. If you tap it for the third time, it will change the unit to and from Celcius and Fahrenheit.

Speed Filter

Like what is said for the weather filter, tapping the screen of the speed filter will change the unit of measurement which depend on your locality and the unit being used there. To get back the former unit, simply tap the screen again.

The AR filters

The term AR stand for Augmented Reality and most of you might have heard of this term as well. Snapchat. In simple words, Augmented reality refers to using a camera, along with location and sensor information, to place a digital object on your screen that “appears” to be in the real world, without actually being there.

There are some famous examples of the AR filters for Snapchats like dog filter and the face swap filters which went viral in the world. To use the AR filters, you have to activate the AR mode. These filters unlikely are applied before the snap not after it.

Just slide your finger between the options along the bottom of your screen, with each filter represented by a circle icon. Let us have a look at the famous AR filters that you can get additionally.

These type of filter are not somewhat you see always because this is a sponsored content, but you can enjoy it most of the time and it is fun. You can play around this filer and enjoy.

Animal filters

Not only the dog filter, but Snapchat has added many more animals to its AR category of filters. Some of the filters include a nose change, some form of animal ears, and even virtual glasses

Face Modifier filters

The AR filters associated with face modifiers are the best thing to ahve fun with . If we take example fo the big mouth filter, isn’t it hilarous? Not only this, Face modifiers is full of such type of funny stuff.

3D Bitmoji Filter

To use the Bitmoji filter, first, you have to create and sync a Bitmoji avatar with your Snapchat account. It basically creates a virtual image of “YOU” and then you can play with digital “YOU”. Only three animations are available at the time but you can find them in the same menu for AR filters.

Action filters

This type of filter requires you to perform some sort of action to activate it. You might have seen a reaction involves opening your mouth, raising your eyebrows, or blinking. There is so much fun that instead of taking pictures, you will record your snap to share with friends.

Custom Geofilters

As we know that Snapchat makes most of its money from sponsored content, but this is not the only source it makes its bucks. there is another revenue generator for Snapchat, and it is custom geofilters. You can create your own filter for the limited areas for events, weddings, businesses, announcements, and more.

Creating a Custom Geofilter (Basic Method)

In order to create your cutsom geofiler, you need to go to the settings of snapchat. Look for “Custom Geofilters” inside your settings menu and tap the option, then tap “Continue. Snapchat will ask you for occassion for which you are to create the filter.

Snapchat will offer you the template and you can choose one of your choices. After the selection of your template, you can easily customize it, and once you have done all of your customizations just check the green mark.

Thn name your filter and choose wheteher it si personal or business. Then tap continue and you’ll be able to view the options for when your filter activates. When you select the next icon, Snapchat will load into a map interface, where you can type in an address and drag a shape around the area you want to cover.

The standard prices of the filter start from $5 and it reaches up to $169.Once you have selected your area(locality), tap continues. You will be able to review your order and then head toward payment. All this can easily be down from your phone.

Creating a Custom Geofilter (Advanced Method)

If you want to create your filter from scratch with the freedom of doing whatever you want, you have to visit Snapchat’s on-demand geofilter website. With this website, you’ll be able to upload your own designs from Photoshop or Illustrator.

Snapchat has a set of rules for designing a geofilter which is mandatory to be followed by anyone designing the filer.

  • You can not include any sort of branding or promotions in your filter.
  • You can’t use any sort of personal information like photographs of people, phone numbers, email addresses, and even hashtags.
  • The designed filter must fall int files the given resolution of 1080×1920, under 300kb in size.

Final Words

That is all with the guide on how to get more filters on Snapchat. Snapchat does come with a lot of pre-loaded filters, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting more filters on Snapchat. If you are facing any difficulties with Snapchat or unable to understand something in our tutorial above, feel free to reach out to us using the comment section below.

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