Honey Chrome extension Review: A scam or Legit

Today’s article is all about the money-saving Honey Chrome Extension. I will give you an in-depth Review of Honey chrome extension. Read the article until the end to find the Honey Chrome extension Review, whether it is a scam or really worth it.

What is Honey Chrom Extension?

Honey is an extension that works with almost all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera that allows you to scan different online stores like Amazon automatically, to find the best deals available on a specific product.

It does all the job itself as it automatically finds and applies coupon codes when you shop online. Now you don’t have to look for coupons and sales, just click on the Honey button during checkout. Honey will automatically apply coupons to your shopping cart.

I am going to show you the in-depth Honey Chrome extension Review so that you know what you are up to and what to take care of.

Is Honey Safe to Use?

While you download the extension and add it to your browser, it can access things like your browsing history, login information, and more. This is where things get suspicious. It is the case with almost all of the extensions but specifically talking of Honey, it gives it some major power and permissions over what’s on your display.

You can never be sure whether you are being suckered into a scam. You are never sure whether Honey is good at saving money or is it even better at handing over your data into wrong hands. To know, all the details follow this article of Honey Chrom Extension Review.

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Does Honey Really Work?

Speaking of its popularity, it has more than 10 million downloads which makes it one of the most famous extensions. The installation process is also quite simple. You will get all the required information regarding the Honey Chrome extension Review in this article.

How to install Honey Chrome Extension

Installing Honey is a straight forward process. Just head to the Chrome store and write Honey Chrome extension. You will see the Honey extension. Click on Add to Chrome, and it will ask you for permission. Click on add to chrome in permission prompt. Your extension will be added and you can see it in your browser.

Honey Chrome Extension Review
Honey Chrome Extension

Once installed, Honey will ask you to sign up through Facebook or Google or any other ID. Once you have created your ID in Honey, log into it and you can start using its services. This Honey Chrome extension Review article will show you all steps in detail.

Honey Chrome Extension Review
Honey Chrome Extension

Once you log in, the feed has money-back ideas and also you can customize it to your taste. Although, the feed may seem helpful to some but it might be annoying and people often prefer creating new account rather than setting the existing one.

How to Use Honey

When you load a page on any online store like Amazon, you come up with new icons set on the page right below the item. The box to the left details price history for the product and it also shows number of price changes that have occurred in recent history for your chosen product.

If you hover your cursor on this icon, it will open the link in the Honey. In order to see the price difference, you’ll need to open a new window. You can view price history for up to 120 days.

Honey Chrome extension

You can see a small “h” with a plus sign to the right of the price history option. By clicking the plus sign, it will add the product to the drop list. The drop list is a list of your products, which allows you to track the price of a product and be notified when the price drops.

Honey Chrome extension

Honey, in next, will appear in your checkout. Here it will automatically find the coupons and add them to your cart. After you have filled up your cart and you are ready to checkout, open the extension and it will tell you whether or not you have a high chance of finding a coupon code for your products.’

It should not worry you if you have a low chance of finding coupons. Honey will automatically begin running through possible options for your coupon codes. And then immediately inputting them into the product to try to save you some money.

Honey Chrome extension

It actually works and its very practical and saves you a good amount of money. With a couple of clicks, you can save money. After finishing, it will tell you to choose the best coupon code or will inform you that you have already got the best deal.

Honey Gold

You might be wondering that Honey only saves the end users money, but how does it make its own money? Actually Honey makes its money by featuring special deals with storefronts. That is, Honey creates a deal for company and it receives certain share of the cash you spend with the coupon code in return.

When we talk about Honey Gold, some people might show their frustration because it is offered to you as soon as you make the account. You might not have noticed while creating your account.

Honey Chrome extension

Honey Gold is actually a reward program that gives you a certain percentage back when you shop at partner websites. You have to keep the extension activated in order to use the utility.

If we speak of mathematics, if your earn 1000 points which means spending $1000, you get a $10 card from any online store like Amazon or Walmart, it’s effectively a 1% credit on your purchases.

Privacy Policy

When comes to using extension that can gain your information, you should always be well aware of its privacy policy. Honey has done a pretty decent job when it comes to privacy.

In 2018, they published a manifesto, stating that the data they collect is used to building a community and crowdsourcing information because it pertains to deals and working coupon codes.

As per Honey’s credit, its clear what data they collect and also uninstalling the extension is pretty easy and you can uninstall if you don’t agree to their privacy policy.

In short, Honey collects your data that includes device ID and IP address, your browser type, your operating system, how you engage with websites, and URLs. While it can be hard for someone to reveal such data for a few bucks.


In this article of Honey Chrome extension Review, using our point of view, Honey is worth a try. We recommend you to use it for your online purchases. We also emphasize that if you are not agreed to their privacy policy, you should stay away from it.

It is a good way of saving your money by automatically searching coupons and applying it for you. I hope this article regarding the Honey Chrome extension Review is helpful to you. Share your thoughts through the comment section.

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