How To Batch Convert VLC Media Files

Where the huge collection of media files available for PCs, laptops, and mobile devices is a great facility, it is a curse as well. Because once you want to play a video file that just won’t play on your particular device. I will address such issues specifically will guide you How To Batch Convert VLC Media Files.

What is VLC Player?

The VLC is abbreviated as Video Lan Client and is an amazing media player that is not so heavy on the system. The great thing about VLC Media player is that it uses very few system resources. It is open-source free software that can play almost all available formats there.

Batch Convert VLC
VLC Media Player

Not only for desktop, but it is also available for smartphones both iOS and Android. This program is regularly updated and has a huge fan base including me. It is one of the best programs and we can use it to convert media files into more convenient or better formats to boot.

In today’s tutorial, I will show you How To Batch Convert VLC Media Files. Let us start with it.

Batch convert media files in VLC

Whether you want to convert an audio or a video, the batch conversion is the same. The process is not that difficult or lengthy but it may take time especially when large video files are to be converted.

Most of it depends on the type of file, the size of it, the format you’re converting from and to and the specs of your computer. The most time consuming is the Video editing compilation because it takes a lot of working memory.

As said earlier, if your computer has a lot of RAM and comes with a decent processor, the conversion will take a considerably short time and otherwise. If you want to convert an MP4 file, it will be much time consuming as compared to the MP3 file.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to know details of How To Batch Convert VLC Media Files.

  • First of all open the VLC media player.
  • Select Media and ‘Open multiple files’.
Batch Convert VLC
VLC Player Multiple File
  • Click Add and select all of the files you want to convert.
Batch Convert VLC
VLC Multiple Select
  • Click the small down arrow next to Play in the bottom right.
  • Select Convert and then click it.
Batch Convert VLC
VLC Media Player Convert
  • Select the format where it says Profile.
  • Select somewhere to save it to in Destination File.
  • Select Start to begin the process
Batch Convert VLC
VLC Converted Destination files

It totally depends on what on how many files you’re converting, their type, size, and your computer, this process can be done either in a blink or take hours.

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Use a batch file to convert media files in VLC

You can also use a series of script files that use PowerShell or CMD in Windows or the terminal in Linux to batch convert files in VLC that is offered by the creators of this application. You can also convert a batch files with a script that automates the tedious process of transcoding multiple videos at once.

As a Windows user, I prefer using Powershell which you have to run as administrator and then past the following code into it.

$outputExtension = ".mkv"

$bitrate = 8000

$channels = 4

foreach($inputFile in get-childitem -recurse -Filter *.MP4)


$outputFileName = [System.IO.Path]::GetFileNameWithoutExtension($inputFile.FullName) + $outputExtension;

$outputFileName = [System.IO.Path]::Combine($inputFile.DirectoryName, $outputFileName);

$programFiles = ${env:ProgramFiles(x86)};

if($programFiles -eq $null) { $programFiles = $env:ProgramFiles; }

$processName = $programFiles + "\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe"

$processArgs = "-I dummy -vvv `"$($inputFile.FullName)`" --sout=#transcode{acodec=`"mp3`",ab=`"$bitrate`",`"channels=$channels`"}:standard{access=`"file`",mux=`"wav`",dst=`"$outputFileName`"} vlc://quit"

start-process $processName $processArgs -wait


Batch Convert VLC

You can make changes as per your need in the above code like you can set the script to work with multiple file types, audio, or video. Also, you will have to change the “output extension” to match the file you’re converting from and the end of the ‘for each’ line to match your desired output format.

Another important thing is to modify the bitrate to match the file type and channels to fit the audio.


The above two methods work well for converting batch files using VLC and if you don’t want to use VLC to convert files, you can use the third party dedicated video and audio converter. It all depends on what you need and what you want.

You can install any third-party applications like Wondershare Video Converter, Any Video Converter, and Prism Free.

If you have any queries regarding How To Batch Convert VLC Media Files, you can leave a comment and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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