How to delete all Instagram photos

Ever wondered that Instagram offers very little customization when it comes to performing an action in bulk. It doesn’t have any option to bulk-delete photos or all photos at once. In this tutorial, I will show you different ways of How to delete all Instagram photos.

Why delete all Instagram Photos?

Instagram has become the most popular social media platform. It is not a common practice to delete all of your Instagram photos but there has to be a genuine reason to do that. Most of the people have become a victim of their accounts being hacked and later on find hundred of pics uploaded from their accounts which are not theirs.

These pictures may come from ads, or any other person trying to play with your Instagram account. Or if you want to change a specific account and its category, you would need to delete all of your current photos and upload new ones.

The only possible and probably the easiest thing people do is to delete the account permanently and make a new one. But it is not a good practice if you have followers over 10k or more. I will show you how to delete all Instagram photos with three different methods.

The first one is Instagram’s own image deletion hack or say a workaround (a bit tedious), other is third party app specifically designed for Instagram and the third one is third party app specifically designed for Instagram. Let us start with the first one.

1.Instagram Photo Deleting Workaround

If you are not a lazy person like me and can do some effort, you can get your job done through this method. There is a simple hack, but you need to do it for all of your photos. This hack can be done on the application or the website. But when doing an activity in bulk, website is more preferable.

Steps to follow

  1. First of all, you need to assign a hashtag to the first image of the list. The hashtag must be unique that no one else would use it like #qwert56u098
  2. Then simply copy and paste this hashtag to every photo
  3. Search the hashtag that you assigned to your images
  4. It will show all of your images, and then you can delete images one by one within the app or website

2. Using a Third-Party App Designed for Instagram

The most efficient and easiest way to get multiple tasks done for your Instagram is to use a Third-Party App that is Specifically Designed for Instagram. It will help you save time, effort, and pretty easy. There are many third-party apps but what I will show you is “Cleaner for Instagram

Cleaner for Instagram

This is an amazing application which you can use for bulk actions. The cleaner for Instagram offers amazing features. You can unfollow users, block users, unblock users, delete posts, and unlike posts in bulk.

It also helps you identify the post with most likes. You can also download select posts for backup purposes. It comes with an automatic night mode execution mode. It also offers some advanced features like you can identify Ghost users, Inactive users, and No profile photo users.

Steps to follow

You can download this application for Android and iOS. For Android it is titled as “Cleaner for Instagram” and for iOS it is called “Cleaner for IG“. Just follow below steps to delete all Instagram photos.

  1. Open the application and log in to your account.
  2. There are multiple options at the bottom. Out of those, select the media tab
  3. Then select the “Quick Select” button right above the media tab.
  4. After that choose “Select All”.
  5. Click on the options tab in the right bottom corner of the app.
  6. Choose delete from options and then click start.

2. Using a Third-Party App Not Designed for Instagram

There are certain applications which are not designed specifially for one application but can be of great use in many apps. Auto Clicker is one of those apps. This is an amazing app which lets you do repeated taps at any location with any interval you specify.

This application can be of great use while deleteing all Instagram Photos. You have to run both the apps in parallel. This is sort of training the auto clicker application about where to tap and when to tap.

Steps to follow

  1. First of all launch both the applications i.e. Instagram and Auto Clicker.
delete all Instagram photos

2. Then Enable the “Multi Target Mode”. This is basically a feature that will allow you to tap multiple points with a specific delay.

delete all Instagram photos

3. Then go to you Instagram Home screen. You can see the Auto Clicker menu in the left of your Instagram.

4. Now tap the Green “+” symbol which will show you a tap point with number “1” inside it.

5. Now drag the circle to the first post on your home page and tap it again.

delete all Instagram photos

6. It will ask you for time duration of the delay. In the delay box, you can set the time of your choice. By default, it is 100 milliseconds.

delete all Instagram photos

7. Then tap OK. And tap on the spot right below the first circle

8. It will open the context menu. Then follow steps 5-9 to create a second tap point on the line of the context menu that reads “Delete.”

9.It will train to tap point #2 and will have a number “2” in the circle

10. Now repeat step 10 to confirm the deltion and also to return to homepage.

11. Now click the gear icon, and give a proper name to the configuration and then save the configuration.

delete all Instagram photos

12. Now simply tap the play button on top of the menu and it will repeatedly do the same iteration without you to look at it.

Final Words

That’s all with the process to delete all Instagram photos at once. If you have any questions regarding any of the insta photo deletion methods listed above, feel free to reach out to us. You can either leave a comment below or use our contact us page. Our experts will take care of your queries.

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