How to get Facebook DARK Mode on PC

If you are bored with using Facebook in the same old design, don’t worry Facebook has brought you some changes with the name New Facebook. With New Facebook, you can get Facebook DARK Mode. So in today’s tutorial, I will show you How to get Facebook DARK Mode on PC.

What is New Facebook?

Facebook recently launched a very new version of Facebook where you can get some additional features. The most noticeable is the feature of Dark Mode. Yes, you can now get Facebook DARK Mode on PC as well.

It also offers innovative navigation features. New Facebook also offers mobile preview options. The overall easier-to-use desktop design is really appreciatable. You can Catch up quickly with faster loading times. You can switch between light and dark mode easily.

How to get Facebook DARK Mode on PC

This is just a simple process but you have to be lucky enough that Facebook has rolled this feature in your region. Let us start with getting the dark mode.

First of all, log in to your Facebook profile, and right in the account settings, click on the “Switch to New Facebook”. Once you click on this option, your page will start reloading and in a while will take you to homepage of your New Facebook.

Facebook Dark Mode on PC
Facebook Dark Mode on PC

After your page reloads, you will be taken to the tutorial page of the New Facebook where it will show the customization you can do with this new design. It is just a basic tutorial that tells you about additional features of the New Facebook.

Facebook Dark Mode on PC
Facebook Dark Mode on PC

After you have gone through tutorial, or you may simply skip it, you can see the all-new Facebook design. The New Facebook design is a bit different from the classic one as some of the icons’ place have been changed.

Facebook Dark Mode on PC
New Facebook Interface

Activating Dark Mode

After you have come up with the latest design of New Facebook, let’s find out the Dark mode option. You have to click the settings button from where you changed to New Facebook. You can see there option of “Dark Mode”, simply click the toggle and it will activate the dark mode.

Facebook Dark Mode

The other way

There is another way of enabling this mode. If you want to start your new Facebook with the dark mode right from the start. Just click on the Dark Mode option in the start when you switched to New Facebook. That’s it, no big rocket science.


This feature is recently announced by Facebook and is still not rolled out in all the regions. You can take advantage of this mode to give proper rest to your eyes. It will be very useful especially using it at night time. It is the same as the night mode of Twitter


I have explained each and everything in this tutorial, still, if you find any issue while activating Facebook DARK Mode on PC, you can contact us through the comment section.

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