How To Use GarageBand In Windows 10

If you are a music lover who loves to create music, you must have heard of the famous Apple product called GarageBand. GarageBand is an audio program that has been used by some household names to produce music. The problem is that it is only Apple compatible, but in today’s tutorial, I will show you how you can How To Use GarageBand In Windows 10.

Overview of Garageband

This application was named after some of very famous music bands who created their music from their garages. The great feature of this application is that it enables you to begin making music whether you can play an instrument or don’t even own one.

GarageBand In Windows 10

There are different websites that offer Garageband for Windows, but up to the best of my knowledge, there are no versions of GarageBand in Windows and all those offering it are fake.

In today’s tutorial, I will show you How To Use GarageBand In Windows 10 and it is one of the most effective and successful ways of doing it. Try to stay away from those websites that offer GarageBand Windows version as most of them are full of adware or malware.

Use GarageBand In Windows

The best and most successful way of using GarageBand in Windows is by using Virtual Machine. With that being said, the only legitimate way to use GarageBand in Windows is to create a Mac virtual machine. You can download and run macOS version Seirra or any one you find easy to download.

Let us start with the process of Using GarageBand In Windows and you need to follow the below steps.

  1. First of all, download and install any Virtual player, I am using Virtual Box, which you can download here.
  2. After that, set up VirtualBox and install it onto a drive that has at least 150GB of free space.
  3. Download the macOS version that suits you the best onto your computer and extract the contents.
  4. Open VirtualBox and select New to create the VM.
  5. Give it a proper name.
  6. Set the Guest OS as Apple Mac OS X and the version as Mac OS X 10.11 or 10.12. (only if you are using macOS Sierra)
  7. Then, allocate as much memory as you can and select Create a virtual disk now.
  8. Click the Create button.
  9. Select the new virtual disk and select Settings.
  10. Remove the Hard disk and select Use an Existing Virtual Disk.
  11. Navigate to your download the macOS and select the “.vmdk” file.
  12. Then go to documents\Virtual Machines in Windows Explorer and right-click the VMX file.
  13. Paste ‘SMC. version = “0” ‘ to the end of the file and then save it.
  14. Select the System tab in Settings and make sure that Floppy is not checked.
  15. Ather that select the Acceleration tab in the System and check the box next to “Intel VT-x”.
  16. Finally, click OK to leave Settings and select the green Start arrow to load the VM.
Virtual Box

The loading might take some good amount of time, depending on the specifications of your system. After some time, you will see the Apple installation screen that will ask you to set the time zone set up an account and password, and set up components.

Possible Errors

This process is supposed to go buttery smooth, but if it pops up any error, make sure that Intel VT-x is enabled from BIOS. Once my VM Ware was not working because this Intel VT-x was not enabled as this is essential for the virtualization function.

Another possible error in using GarageBand in Windows is that if the Apple boot logo and the VM keeps resetting, then what you need to change in the VirtualBox Settings is the Version under the General tab to either a newer or older Guest and try again.

Once you have successfully installed the macOS version in the Virtual Box, there are a few changes that you need to set before heading towards using Garageband.

Specific Settings for Garageband in Virtual Box

In order to make the Apple macOS within the virtual box much more usable, you need to do the following settings.

  1. Open Terminal within your Apple VM
  2. Then type ‘./vmware-resolutionset 1920 1080’ to set a usable resolution.
  3. Now your  Apple desktop should be much more usable

Download or Purchase GarageBand

  1. Once you have followed all the steps mentioned above, you are all set to either download or purchase the Garageband.
  2. In order to download, open your MacOS int VM and select the Apple icon in the top left.
  3. Then select the App Store and perform any system updates listed there.
  4. Search for GarageBand and select
  5. Let it download and install it onto your computer.

In order to download Garageband, you will need an Apple ID. Well, you don’t need to own a legitimate Apple device to get an Apple ID. As you can create an Apple ID, then log in using that Apple ID and select Install App.


Whenever you are looking to install any cross platform application, the best way to do is to use a third party application. Just like in this tutorial, as we did in order to use GarageBand in Windows, you can do it for tons of other applications.

I hope this tutorial is helpful and I expect you to give us your valuable feedback regarding your experience of using GarageBand in Windows through the comment section.

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