How To Use Kik To Find Date

Ever heard of a dating site like and OK Cupid, they are truly amazing but not free at all. You can also use free sites for this purpose and in this tutorial, I will show you How To Use Kik To Find Date.

What is Kik?

Kik Messenger, commonly called Kik, is a freeware instant messaging mobile app from the Canadian company Kik Interactive, available free of charge on iOS and Android operating systems.

How to use Kik find date

Features of Kik

  • Message Receipt Notifications
  • Connect Automatically
  • Profile Integration
  • Live Typing
  • Kik Codes
  • Free Multimedia Messaging
  • Chat Customization
  • Group Conversations
  • Free Video Chat

How to find people on Kik?

Well in order to find a date on Kik, you have to outperform others in a way that you have to shine the brightest among all others. There are certain ways for you to make yourself more prominent on Kik than others. Once you are visible you can use Kik to find date.

Join a Public Group

You can join a public group of your interest by searching for hashtags that match your interests and check out the results.

Share your profile

In order to make yourself visible to as many people as possible, you need to share your Kik profile to reach a maximum audience.

Use address Book matching

In order to expand your existing network, you can see who in your phone contacts has Kik. You can send them message as well as an invitation. You can enable the address book matching by following below steps

  1. Go to Settings in your Kik application
  2. Then navigate to chat Settings
  3. Form there, enable the address Book Matching

Create your own Public Group

Another great way to boost your popularity is to create your own public group. It is more meaningful when you can’t find any group of your interest so you start your own.

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How to find a date on Kik?

Keep one thing in mind that Kik is not a dating application at all. Although, it does offer some features that make it easier to meet and greet new people which can be said that you can use Kik to find date. Out of those features two most famous are “Meet & Chat” and “Matcher”.

These apps are basically third-party services and will attempt to match you up with other like-minded Kik users and this is what you want.

Meet & Chat

If you want to use Kik to find date, you have to use the Meet & Chat tool. The Meet & Chat will require you to link your Kik profile to its very own website and will ask you to allow access to your Kik profile. After that, you will be able to browse their listing of users to find someone you like. This is somewhat similar to Tinder-like swiping left and right to select matches.


The Matcher does almost the same job. It allows you to browse user profiles, identify people you like, and if they like you too, you’ll get connected. It is cooler than you think. This is another great tool it if you want to use Kik to find date.


Flirt is another third-party service application that gives you a list of people within your age range living in your area to connect with. This is so far the best tool for many to find their soulmate. In finding ways to use Kik to find date, Flirt can be a great tool.

Other Kik Tools

There are other tools that you can use in order to find new people and try your luck. You can also download the Kik Android application by clicking here.

Use Kik to find date
Kik Android

Pro Tips

There are tons of Kik users which makes it difficult to know if you share the same interests. As of third party apps, they only include a small profile element for you to check, and if you’re lucky it will contain an image, an age, approximate location and what they’re looking for.

To start a healthy relationship, you need to take the help of the “Kik Me” button. Once you find someone that attracts you, Tap Kik Me, write them a message, and then sit back and wait for a response. This will increase your chances of falling for you and you will be able to use Kik to find date.

The person you message has to agree to talk to you before you can communicate. There are certain apps in Kik that will keep your username private until the person agrees to respond to your message.

What to be careful about?

Not only on Kik but with many online sites where people want to meet and chat, there are always scammers to distract you. There are obvious rules for Kik as well just like any other same site.

  1. Never take people at face value. Kik does not require users to verify their identity, and the person you’re talking with might not be who they claim to be.
  2. Don’t disclose too much private information until you’re certain the person you’re communicating with can be trusted. It can cost you so much of your privacy.
  3. Don’t share anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see. So try to stay as sober as possible.

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