How to View Private Facebook Profile

Facebook with over 2.6 billion monthly active users has set some serious privacy over its users especially for those that are not friends or even mutual friends. I am going to show you different ways which you can use to View Private Facebook Profile

Hierarchy of Facebook

You can view the profile of a person if it falls in one of the below category.

  1. If you are friends with someone, obviously you can view everything they share except those that have enabled the “only me” filter.
  2. No matter if you are not friends, but the profile of another person is public, you can see it as well.
  3. If you are not friends with anyone but you have a mutual friend, you can see some parts of their profile.
  4. If you are not friends with someone, and their profile is private as well, you won’t be able to see anything except their profile picture.
  5. If you have been blocked by someone, you won’t be able to even see their profile existence on Facebook.

Former Hacks

Back in the days, there were certain exploits on the Facebook website like manipulating a Facebook profile URL with the person’s name. It would give you access to see some of the profile images and other posts. But that exploit has been fixed nowadays.

Other same cracks in the Facebook armor like like the ability to use a Facebook graph URL to access private Facebook images. Or may be to use third part apps to evade the privacy locks of Facebook. But none of them works now.

The Latest Hacks

Facebook has improved the privacy of its users a lot leaving no technical workarounds for gaining access to a private profile. It indicates that all the sites claiming to get you secret access to Facebook profile information are some sorts of scams.

Does it mean that it is impossible to access a private Facebook account? Well, definitely not. No matter how secure privacy checks are made, the power of social engineering can bypass them. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can View Private Facebook Profile. Let us start then.

View Private Facebook Profile
Facebook Privacy Setting

The Brute Force Method

If you are really serious about viewing someone’s private Facebook profile, the easiest and quickest way is to hire a data broker for it. It can be anyone like a skilled hacker, an online investigative service, or may be private eye.

It can get your job done but with serious overhead. Like no one do it for fun so you will have to pay them a handsome amount of money. If you think that the profile you want to view is worth the money then go for it. Also most of the time you will only get a snapshot of the profile instead of granting access.

Another serious downside is that you might be working with someone who may be breaking the law. Not only that person but also you are breaking the law depending on your location. Do not follow this method If you’re trying to gain access to a Facebook profile as evidence in a legal matter.

The Charm Offensive Method

“Never Under estimate the power of friend request.” With that being said, surprisingly sending friend request is one of most effective ways of viewing a private Facebook profile.

If you have tried this method, and you think it won’t work because either they don’t know you or they might not consider you as Facebook friends, then you need to do some work to show your worth.

You should have the profile information of the specific person’s profile that you want to view. You should get involved in that person’s groups and close friends. Only then you can find yourself in legit conversation with that person.

In those interactions, you can show your worth by familiarizing that person with your online persona. It will eventually help you to be the part of the friend list of that person. However while presenting yourself, keep in mind the rules.

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What to Follow

  1. Show reactions like “Ha-Ha”, “Care”, “Like” on his posts appropriately.
  2. Make good thoughtful responses to their comments.
  3. Not only to comment on this person’s posts only but also to respond to other people in the group or other comments and posts by the third party person.
  4. Try to engage as much as possible with their friends.
  5. You should post about your own ideas to show your worth regardless of that person’s interests.

What to avoid

  1. Remember, never start to react or comment on everything they say or do.
  2. Don’t go back and like their old stuff which will make you deliberate stalker.
  3. Don’t get into conflict with that specific person.
  4. Constant comments on their post will give them a feeling that you’re suddenly an interloper on their feed.
  5. Never span their friend list in an attempt to friend everyone.

If you follow this method properly, with patience and care you can become a good Facebook friend from a stranger. I have also made quite a few Facebook friends with this method and they were the one to send friend request.

FaceBook Privacy Setting

The Long term Game

If you can’t afford to pay the broker and you have been blocked by that person, so you stand no chance of trying charming offense. You need to try the world famous Social Engineering technique.

As per secuirty experts, the weakest element in any security system is the “Human“. Hence manipulation of human element is the basis for the technique known as social engineering.

As expected sending a friend request to someone with no mutual friend has a success rate of only 20%. However, if you send a request to someone having just a single mutual friend, the possibility increases to 50%. While having 11 mutual friends can increase this possibility of up to 80%.

The main idea here is that you want your fake or cover profile to have multiple mutual friends with your target person. This is, however, not a virtuous approach to add someone to Facebook because you are using deceptive means to trick them into accepting a friend request from a new different person.

How to become a Fake friend

In order to create a fake profile, you will need to have an email address and just a little information about your target person. It will be more than enough if you have infromation of theri current friendlist.

You need to create a profile that will bring interest into the target profile. It could be a past acquaintance that will increase your likelihood of being accepted as a friend. Better use a non copy right profile picture to avoid any legal trouble.

You will need to do a bit of work in order to make your fake profile look more realistic. You need to add content from your account like posts, pictures, and having friends will help you out.

Connecting with Mutual Friends

In order to increase odds of your friend request approval, you should have mutual friends. That is you need to add friends of friends. There is a good chance that at first most of our friend requests will be denied but few of them will be accepted as well.

By adding mutual friends, our chances of getting our request accepted will be much higher. After you have added mutual friends, its time to send a request to that person.

Finish with elegance

You have been added to the friend list of that person and you have access to the profile, its time to let the deception end as your goal is already achieved. Keep it in mind that the longer you keep the fake account, the more likely it is that the fake account will be discovered.

On a serious note!

It is declared that neither I nor any of the Wirelessdigit writes suggest social engineering to manipulate or trick someone with deception by adding them on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network online.

This is by law illegal and you can be charged a sentence for doing so depending upon the rules and laws of your locality.  Although, using the guide above essentially counts as “CATFISHING,” and is used in its fair share of legal and ethical quandaries anytime it’s mentioned.

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