Install HTTPCanary for PC free Windows 7/8/10

HttpCanary for PC is a powerful HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2/WebSocket/TCP/UDP packets capture and analyzer. It supports packet capture and injection. With this app, you can test your mobile Rest APIs very very easily. 

Overveiw of HTTPCanary

HttpCanary is a powerful HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2/WebSocket/TCP/UDP packets capture and analyzer app designed for the Android platform. HttpCanary supports packet capture and injection. With this app, you can test your mobile Rest APIs very very easily. Besides, HttpCanary provides multiple view browsers, such as raw viewer, hex viewer, preview viewer and so on.

This application supports multiple protocols including HTTP1.0, HTTP1.1, HTTP2.0, WebSocket, TCP, UDP, and TLS/SSL. You can also use HTTPCanary as a cookie viewer, where it shows cookie name, value, expiresAt, domain, and so on. It also comes with a built-in audio viewer, that supports play AAC, WAC, MP3, OGG, MPEG formats.

Main Features

Support Protocols

HTTPCanary comes with the support of multiple protocols including HTTP1.0, HTTP1.1, HTTP2.0, WebSocket, TCP, UDP, and TLS/SSL.

Content Overview

It displays a multi-dimensional session overview. Includes URL, HTTP protocol, HTTP method, response code, server host, server IP, and port, content type, keep-alive, timing, data size, and so on.

Packets Filter and Search

HttpCanary multi-dimensional filters, you can filter the packets by the app, host, protocol, method, IP, port, and keywords. Also, you can search for a keyword in the content of packets.


It supports many plugins include experimental plugins and extension plugins. Now there are some experimental plugins integrated into the app such as HostBlock, Mime-TypeBlock, Downloaders, and OverviewStatistics.

Blocking settings

In the blocking setting in HTTPCanary, you can choose to block the requests and responses, it is easy to debug your REST APIs.

View Browsers

You can view different content of browsers like the raw viewer, shows the raw packets data, Text viewer, shows the body data as a text, Hex viewer, shows the body data as a hex string, Headers viewer, shows HTTP request and response headers, and more.


  • Supports Multiple Protocols
  • Audio Viewer
  • Hex Viewer
  • Blocking option
  • Multiple Plugins Support
  • No Root required


  • Can’t install certificate on Android 11
  • Must have knowledge of security before using this application

HTTPCanary PC Version

HTTPCanary is a powerful Android tool for capturing and analyzing packets. You can install HTTPCanary for PC with the help of an Android emulator. Once you install an Android emulator, you will be able to use all of the features on your PC.

With an Android emulator like Bluestacks, you can download and install HTTPCanary for PC and enjoy all of its features on your PC. Let us first have a look at the requirements of Bluestacks, and also the necessary steps that will help you install the HTTPCanary PC version.

HTTPCanary for PC

Requirements to install HTTPCanary PC version

  • Grab a laptop or PC with running Windows or macOS
  • Then download an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox player
  • Connect to an active internet connection
  • You will need at least 4GB of free hard drive space
  • 4GB or more of RAM for a better experience
  • Follow the rest of this tutorial

How to install HTTPCanary on PC

  1. Install the downloaded emulator and open it (I am using Bluestacks).
  2. Open play store in the emulator.
  3. Write HTTPCanaryin the search bar.
  4. Out of search results, tap HTTPCanary, and click install.
  5. Wait for a few minutes to finish the installation.
  6. After a while, you can see HTTPCanary on PC installed.

Google Play Store Rating

HTTPCanary has 4.2 rating in the Google Play Store.

Alternatives for HTTPCanary

  • tPacketCapture
  • HTTP Request Shortcut
  • SSHelper
  • HTTPCanary Premium


If you are looking for something that you can use for capturing and analyzing packets, then you must try HTTPCanary for PC at least once. The issue I noticed sometimes is that the captures list refreshes when you switch back to the app losing your position in the list. Otherwise, this is really good for development and debugging.

We strongly recommend you to install HTTPCanary on PC for secure communication. All the required steps of installing HTTPCanary on PC are explained in this tutorial, but if you face any trouble, you can contact us through the comment section.


Is there an official HTTPCanary PC version?

No, it has no official HTTPCanary PC version, but the Android version can be used as the HTTP Canary PC.

Can I run HTTPCanary on Windows?

Yes, but with the help of an Android emulator like the BlueStacks 4.2 or the NoxPlayer, you can run HTTPCanary on Windows.

Is HTTPCanary available in the Google Play Store?

Yes, its official version is available in the Play Store. But you can download it from the Google Play store by clicking here.

How can I download HTTPCanary for macOS?

You will need to use the BlueStacks 4.1 official in order to download HTTPCanary for macOS.

Is it safe to get HTTPCanary on PC?

YES! it is completely safe to download and install HTTPCanary on PC. HTTPCanary for PC is being installed via Google Play Store. There are no unsafe tools/methods involved here.

Is HTTPCanary for PC FREE?

YES. HTTPCanary is a completely free app for PC and also for Android.

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