IP Pro PC Free Download and Install Windows 10

The IP Pro is an application that allows you 24 Hour Remote Video Surveillance of your beloved property. It offers amazing features that will be discussed later in this article but before that let me show you how IP Pro PC version can be installed on your PC with the help of an Android emulator. Let us first have a look at its features.


IP Pro

The IP Pro is an application built for 24 Hour Remote Video Surveillance of your home, office, or any other property when you are away from your location. It will enable you to stream live video streaming on your smartphone. Now you can download and install IP Pro PC version by following this tutorial.

IP Pro for PC

First, let us have a look at features like Multi-image and real-time preview, QR scan, PTZ control, video capture, recording backup in detail, and also will discuss all the requirements that you need to have in order to run IP Pro on PC.

Main Features

Real Time Preview

Once you have configured your IP Cameras in this application, you will have a real time preview of all the events happening in your location. It is sort of live streaming right on your smartphone.

Pinch to Zoom

It has a feature called PTZ, which is abbreviated as Pinch to Zoom that enable you to zoom a specific area once you tap a specific area to have a close up look.

Video Capture

You can capture the video of your live streamed video in order to watch it later. This feature is typically useful for keeping an evidence of an event or keeping a memory safe forever.

Recording Backup

You can keep track of your videos by saving it to your device or saving it to cloud for more secure videos collection.

Multi Image Support

You can will get a multi image support feature in this application by configuring more than one IP cameras in your application. It means that you will need only one application to keep eye on different locations of your property.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Video Playback
  • Multi-Image support
  • PTZ
  • Video Backup


  • No motion detection feature
  • No push notification

IP Pro PC Version

The IP Pro Android application allows you to monitor the home or any other property with some very amazing features. It lets you record your videos as well and has the option to save it to the cloud as well. You can install IP Pro on PC as well but not directly. You will need a third-party application called Android Emulator.

Once you have installed an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox App Player and then you can download IP Pro PC version. Simply follow this tutorial and you will be able to download and install IP Pro for PC.

Requirements to install IP Pro on PC

  • A laptop or PC with running Windows or macOS
  • Download Android emulators like Bluestacks or Nox player
  • You need an active internet connection
  • A minimum of 4GB free hard drive space
  • At least 4GB of RAM to run it smoothly
  • Follow the rest of this tutorial

IP Pro PC Installtion Steps

  1. Launch the downloaded emulator (I am using Bluestacks)
  2. Open the play store in the emulator
  3. Write “IP Pro” in the search bar
  4. Open IP Pro Browser in the search results, and click install
  5. Wait for a few minutes to finish the installation
  6. You can use IP Pro Browser for PC
IP Pro on PC



This application is one of the best in its category and you will get amazing features like Multi-image and real-time preview, QR scan, PTZ control, video capture, recording backup. We recommend you install the IP Pro PC version if you want to monitor your property.

Everything is explained in this tutorial that you need to know in order to install IP Pro PC version but still if you find any issue, you can contact us through the comment section.


Can I run IP Pro on Windows?

With the help of an Android emulator like the BlueStacks 4.2 or the NoxPlayer, you can run IP Pro on Windows.

Is IP Pro for PC FREE?

YES. IP Pro is a completely free app for PC and also for Android.

How can I download IP Pro for macOS?

Use the BlueStacks 4.1 official in order to download IP Pro for macOS.

Is IP Pro Browser available in the Google Play Store?

Yes, its official version is available in the Play Store. In fact, You can download IP Pro PC with the help of the Google Play Store.

Is there an official IP Pro PC version?

No, it has no official PC version, but the Android version can be used as the IP Pro PC.

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