Install Mikrotik on PC Windows 10 and macOS

Mikrotik RouterOS is the operating system of RouterBOARD and CCR devices. It provides all the core features for your network that includes , backhaul link, hotspot gateway and much more. It is an Android application but you can install Mikrotik on PC as well and this article is all about this.

What is Mikrotik?

The MikroTik RouterOS is the operating system of RouterBOARD and CCR devices. It provides all the features that you need for monitoring and manipulating your network. You can MikroTik smartphone app to configure your router in the field, or to apply the most basic initial settings for your MikroTik home access point.

The main features that comes with Mikrotik are firewall, bandwidth management, wireless access point, backhaul link, hotspot gateway, VPN server and more. Below are all the features explained that you need to know.

Features of Mikrotik

Bandwidth Management

With the help of Mikrtik RouterOS, you can manage the bandwidth of your network according to the priority of different activities and tasks.

Hotspot Gateway

The Mikrotik RouterOS supports hotspot gateway feature that lets you provides authentication, authorization and accounting for a wireless network. It typically helps in keeping malicious users off of a private network.

Backhaul link

You can use the option of backhaul link that helps in bulding links between the core network, or backbone network, and the small subnetworks at the edge of the network.

VPN server

This application will allow you create your own VPN server which is very beneficial in making your network much more private and secure.


This operating system comes with a very powerful firewall that ensures maximum security. It is based on Stateful Filtering technology that can be used to detect and block many stealth scans, DoS attacks, SYN floods. Network.


  • Wireless access point management
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Backhaul link
  • Hotspot gateway
  • VPN server


  • Only compatible with specific devices

Mikrotik on PC

Mikrotik offers tons of amazing features when it comes to setting up your very own network. It is developed for Android and can’t be installed directly on Windows or macOS. Although, you can install MikroTik on PC with the help of an Android emulator and you need to install an Android emulator like Nox App Player or Bluestacks.

With the Android emulator like Bluestacks, you can download and install Mikrotik for PC and use all its features on your PC which makes it more feasible to manage your network. Let us first have a look at the requirements of Bluestacks, and also the necessary steps that will help you install the Mikrotik PC version.

MikroTik on PC

Requirements to install Mikrotik PC version

  • Grab a laptop or PC with running Windows or macOS
  • Then download an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox player
  • Connect to an active internet connection
  • You will need at least 4GB of free hard drive space
  • 4GB or more of RAM for a better experience
  • Follow the rest of this tutorial

How to install Mikrotik on PC

  1. Open the downloaded emulator and run it (I am using Bluestacks)
  2. Head to the play store in the emulator
  3. Drag the downloaded APK file and drop it into the Bluestack
  4. You can download the Snaptube APK by clicking here.
  5. Wait for a few minutes to finish the installation
  6. Then you can launch Snaptube on PC

Alternatives for Mikrotik

  • Mikro Winbox
  • Unifi Network
  • UNMS
  • Easy UBNT


This amazing application enables you to download content from YouTube and also other social media sites like Facebook and many others to watch it offline. It is really useful when you are traveling and don’t have access to the internet. We recommend you to install MikroTik on PC if you want to enjoy offline content on your PC as well.

All the required steps of installing Mikrotik on PC are explained in this tutorial, but if you face any trouble, you can contact us through the comment section.


Is there an official Mikrotik PC version?

No, it has no official Mikrotik PC version, but the Android version can be used as the Mikrotik PC.

Can I run Mikrotik on Windows?

Yes, but with the help of an Android emulator like the BlueStacks 4.2 or the NoxPlayer, you can run Mikrotik on Windows.

Is Mikrotik available in the Google Play Store?

Yes, its official version is not available in the Play Store. In fact, you can download it by clicking here.

How can I download Mikrotik for macOS?

You will need to use the BlueStacks 4.1 official in order to download Mikrotik for macOS.

Is it safe to get Mikrotik on PC?

YES! it is completely safe to download and install Mikrotik on PC. Mikrotik for PC is being installed via Google Play Store. There are no unsafe tools/methods involved here.

Is Mikrotik for PC FREE?

YES. Mikrotik is a completely free app for PC and also for Android.

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