Download QPython 3L for PC free Windows 7/8/10

QPython 3L for PC is the Python engine that contains some amazing features such as Python interpreter, runtime environment, editor, QPYI, and SL4A library. It makes it easy for you to use Python on Android.

What is QPython 3L?

QPython is the Python engine for Android devices. It contains some amazing features such as Python interpreter, runtime environment, editor, QPYI, and SL4A library. It makes it easy for you to use Python on Android, and it’s free as well. For different usage scenarios, QPython has two branches, namely QPython Ox and 3x.

QPython Ox is mainly aimed at programming learners, and it provides more friendly features for beginners. This is the QPython 3L, it is mainly for experienced Python users, and it provides some advanced technical features. With its SL4A features, you can use Python programming to control Android work.

QPython 3L for PC
QPython 3L

Main features

Offline Python 3 interpreter

You can run this application offline as well as no Internet is required to run Python programs. It also supports running multiple types of projects, including console program, SL4A program, web app program.

Easy-to-use editor

If you have some basic knowledge of Python, you can use this editor because of easy to use nature. It also features good documentation and customer support.

Third App Integrations

It supports the integration of third-party applications like Barcode, Browser, SpeechRecongition, SendEmail, TextToSpeech, and more.

Custom Repository

It has QPYPI and a custom repository for prebuilt wheel packages for enhanced scientific libraries, such as NumPy, scipy, matplotlib, scikit-learn.

Hardwared Manager

It also has a built-in hardware manager where you can manage Carmer, Sensor, Ringer & Media Volume, Screen Brightness, Battery, Bluetooth, SignalStrength, WebCam, Vibrate, NFC, USB, and more.


  • Python 3 interpreter on Android
  • Built-in Python Syntax
  • Easy to use python console
  • Local Libraries manager


  • Must have knowledge of Python

QPython 3L PC Version

Usually, development is done on PC but with the development of Android OS, you can now use different languages on your smartphone as well to develop an application. The same is the case with QPython 3L for PC, as it’s an Android application and you can use this Android application on your PC.

Downloading and installing an Android emulator like Bluestakc or Nox App Player need some requirements that are mentioned in the below section. All the steps required to install QPython 3L are mentioned in the forthcoming sections.

Requirements to install QPython 3L PC version

  • A laptop or PC with running Windows or macOS
  • Also, need to download an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox player
  • An active internet connection will be required
  • Need at least 4GB of free hard drive space
  • 4GB or more of RAM
  • Follow the rest of this tutorial

How to install QPython 3L

  1. Install the downloaded emulator and open it (I am using Bluestacks)
  2. Open play store in the emulator
  3. Write QPython 3Lin the search bar
  4. Out of search results, tap QPython 3L and click install
  5. Wait for a few minutes to finish the installation
  6. After a while, you can see QPython 3L installed and fully-functional

Top alternatives for QPython 3L

  • Pydroid
  • Python Programming
  • Learn Python
  • QPython OL

Google Play Store Rating

QPython 3L has 4.0 rating in the Google Play store.


If you have knowledge of Python language, then you should install QPython 3L for PC as it comes with great features like Android Resources Manager, including contact, location, phone, SMS, tone generator, wake lock, Wifi lock, clipboard, network status, media player, and more. So we recommend you to install QPython 3L and develop whatever you want.

Everything related to the installation of QPython 3L on PC is explained in this tutorial, still, if you find any issue while installing the QPython 3L PC version, do let us know through the comment section.


How can I download QPython 3L macOS?

You will need to use the BlueStacks 4.1 official in order to download QPython 3L macOS.

Is QPython 3Lavailable in the Google Play Store?

Yes, its official version is available in the Play Store. In fact, You can download QPython 3Lwith the help of the Google Play Store.

Is QPython 3L for PC FREE?

YES. QPython 3L is a completely free app for PC and also for Android.

Is it safe to get QPython 3L on PC?

YES! it is completely safe to download and install QPython 3L on PC. QPython 3L is being installed via Google Play Store. There are no unsafe tools/methods involved here.

Can I run QPython 3L on Windows?

Yes, but with the help of an Android emulator like the BlueStacks 4.2 or the NoxPlayer, you can run QPython 3L on Windows.

Is there an official QPython 3L PC version?

No, it has no official QPython 3L PC version, but the Android version can be used as the QPython 3L PC.

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