How To Strikethrough Text In Gmail: Usability Tricks

Text formatting is very important when it comes to writing professional emails. In this tutorial I will show you how you can Strikethrough Text in Gmail, along with other handy Gmail text formatting tips and tricks.

What is Strikethrough?

A strike through is bascially a typographical presentation of words with a horizontal line through their center, presented “like this sort of text. It show one of the two meanings when you see a Strikethrough text.

First one, the text is either in ink-written, typewritten. The second one is non-erasable text meaning that the words are mistakes and not meant for inclusion. Speaking of being used in email, it shows deleted information or more importantly it can also be used deliberately for showing change of thought.

Why proper formatting is important?

Being an employee of a corporate organization, I have noticed that the content does not matter anything until and unless your email is properly formatted. With that being said, first you need proper formatting of your email then think of content.

The main idea behind proper formatting is that people are usually more attracted to clarity when it comes to online reading and the only way to bring clarity to your content is to do proper formatting. This is the reason that mastering basic text formatting is a key skill for anyone who works online.

Strike-Through Text in Gmail

There are two different methods of getting Strike-Through Text in Gmail and that totally depends on the version of Gmail web application and the region you reside in. Go check both the methods and see which one is going to help you.

The Latest Method

If you are using the latest Gmail web application then life is easy for you and you don’t want to use the above lengthy method. Google’s Gmail is now mature and gets its Strikethrough button as well. So now with the help of a button, you can get Strikethrough Text In Gmail.

Follow below steps to get Strikethrough Text In Gmail with a fairly easy method. However if this method doesn’t work for you, then you have to follow the old shcool method mentioned below.

  • Once you create a new message you can find a bundle of options next to “send” option
  • Click on underlined “A” very next to the send button.
  • Then you will find a lot of text formatting options, just go to the end
  • Click on the arrow facing downwards and you will see the option of “Strikethrough” on the second number
  • Just click on that button to get your job done.
Strikethrough text in gmail
Strikethrough text in gmail

The Old School Method

Gmail being the most famous email platform does offer a ton load of features that are sufficient for an average user. However, there are certain features that you may miss when using it on an advanced level. Strikethrough feature is one of them which is not included in Gmail by default if you are using the older version of the Gmail Web application.

In order to get Strikethrough text in Gmail, you have to format your text in Docs and copy and paste it into Gmail. Follow the below steps to get your job done.

  1. First of all, log in to your Google drive account.

2. Then go to “New” and from new you have to select the “Blank Google Docs”.

Strikethrough Text in Gmail
Strikethrough Text in Gmail Using Google Drive

3. Once you have opened a Blank document, you just need to write or copy the text you want to Strikethrough and select that text. After that click on format, and keep the cursor on text, you will see option of strikethrough.

4. Click on the “Strikethrough” and you will have your text with Strikethrough formatting just like you can see below. Just copy the text from here and paste it into Gmail where required.

Strikethrough Text in Gmail
Strikethrough Text in Gmail Using Google Drive

This type of procedure might not work if you have configured your Gmail in “Plain Text Only” mode. Well, to change that, follow below steps.

  1. Open Gmail and click “Compose.”
  2. Click the three vertical dots in the lower right corner of the blank email.
  3. If there is a checkmark next to “Plain Text Mode,” click it and it will uncheck the “Plain Text Mode”
  4. Paste your strikethrough text and you can see the exact text what you had copied
Strikethrough Text in Gmail
Change Gmail Plain text Mode

Bold Text in Gmail

There are multiple reasons why you would bold some text. It includes whether you want to make your text stand out. Or you may want to emphasize some part of your text. You have formatted a text bold to make it easy to find or even to draw attention to some words.

Below is a simple guide of how to make a text Bold in Gmail.

The “A-B” Method

I call it the A-B method because first you have to click the “A” next to “Send” in the new email window in order to access text options. After that select your text that you intend to bold, and click the “B” in the window.

Strikethrough Text in Gmail
Bold Text in Gmail

Highlight text in Gmail

  • Open Gmail and select “Compose” to create a new message.
  • Select the text you want to highlight within the compose window.
  • Then click on underlined “A” as you did in the previous method to get to text formatting options
  • After that. select another underlined “A” which will take you to the colors, for both the text and the background
  • Select a background color in the left part of the pane.
Highlight text in Gmail
  • Once you have selected colors of your choice, just click on an empty space in the compose message box
  • You will see your selected text is highlighted
Strike-Through Text in Gmail
HighLight Text in Gmail

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Fast Unsubscribe

Getting rid of unwanted emails is the dream of many people but some of them are truly helpless in this regard. Like you subscribed to an email and no longer want to receive it, following this tutorial will help you get rid of all such frustrating content.

  1. Open the email within Gmail.
  2. Select the gray “Unsubscribe” link next to the sender’s name at the top.
  3. When the popup appears, click “Unsubscribe,”
  4. The Gmail will automatically unsubscribe.

This will work for most of the subscriptions to finish. But it might not work for all of your subscriptions because some marketers know how to get around unsubscription rules. In order to get away with that as well you need to click “Spam” on related email.


This tutorial was not only about Strikethrough Text in Gmail but it also covered some other text formatting necessary for your email formatting. If you find any issue while getting Strikethrough Text in Gmail, you can contact us through the comment section.

Also if you want me to cover anything else in Gmail as we did for getting Strikethrough Text in Gmail in detail, mention your query in the comment box and our next article will be about it.

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