Install aCalendar for PC on Windows 10

aCalendar for PC

aCalendar for PC is an outstanding application for managing your routine tasks. It has intuitive navigation between day, week, month, and agenda view making work breakdown very easy. Overview of aCalendar aCalendar- Android calendar is an amazing application that will make your life easier with its outstanding management features. You can create your very customized … Read more

Install iLink for PC free Windows & macOS

iLink is a remote control application that allows you to change color and brightness, timing on/off, and music rhythm, and more. It connects via Bluetooth to your smart devices and works perfectly. Install iLink for PC and control your smart devices right from your workstation. What is iLink? If you are looking for something that … Read more

A Complete List of Ok Google Commands

ok Google Commands

It is obvious while using a smartphone to be familiar with voice-activated assistant services┬álike Amazon (Alexa) and Microsoft (Cortana) and Apple (Siri), which are famous in every aspect. But today I will show you a complete list of Ok Google Commands that you can enjoy and will make your life easier. You can control your … Read more

How To Download Scribd Documents Free

download scribd8 documents

Now download the Scribd Documents free. Scribd is the ultimate destination for people who love reading quality research articles. But not all the documents are free and you have to pay for subscription fees. There are certain methods that can help you Download Scribd Documents Free. Let us check it out. Introduction of Scribd Scribd … Read more