Install WhatsTool for PC free Windows 7/8/10

WhatsTool App is a specially designed toolkit for the WhatsApp app that brings you numerous exciting features like Status saver for WhatsApp, Direct chat with an unsaved number, Search profile in WhatsApp, and more. It enhances user experience with improved security & more interactive messaging experience. You can install WhatsTool for PC and enjoy WhatsApp on your PC as well with improved features.

Overview of WhatsTool

WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users making it one of the most widely used messengers in the world. No doubt, for such a famous messenger, there must be third party applications for better management. WhatsTool is one of them and the WhatsTool app acts as a perfect tool for WhatsApp, by providing top features to enhance user experience with improved security & more interactive messaging experience.

This application comes with amazing features like it lets users save and download the videos or images from other user’s WhatsApp status, enables users to message on WhatsApp to a new number, search profile in WhatsApp and check the details of a new contact, Get notified of deleted messages in WhatsApp chat & recover them with the help of WhatsTool and more. All the features are explained in the coming sections in detail.

WhatsTool for PC

Main Features of WhatsTool

WhatsApp Video Status Downloader

This feature lets users save and download videos or images from other user’s WhatsApp status. With its inbuilt video and photo browser and editing features, you can create the status in the way you want.

Direct Chat with an Unsaved Number

It enables users to message on WhatsApp to a new number, search profile in WhatsApp, and check the details of new/missed call numbers by searching the number directly without saving their contact. This is really a cool feature.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message

No need to worry about accidentally deleted messages as you will get notified of deleted messages in WhatsApp chat & recover them with the help of WhatsTool.

Video Splitter

With the help of its inbuilt tool from this app lets users split long videos to the WhatsApp status video time limit provided and post long videos in multiple statuses.

Generate Chat Report

Keep track of your chats with these features as you can analyze how many conversations have taken place, which contact is chatting the most.

Sticker Maker

If you don’t want to use the default stickers, you can create your stickers create custom stickers using photos.

Caption Expert

Now you don’t have to think for the innovative caption as this will be done by WhatsTool. Just copy the favorite caption & paste it in your WhatsApp status.


  • Video status saver
  • Caption Maker
  • Chat without saving the number
  • Free to use
  • Chat report
  • Video Splitter


  • Needs improvement in sending images and videos in bulk
  • Need some improvement in the number of recipients per group as well

WhatsTool PC Version

WhatsApp is commonly used on smartphones and most of the like me feel quite comfortable using it on PC as well. Once you have WhatsApp on PC, you will need to install WhatsTool for PC for better management of the messenger. You can install WhatsTool on PC with the help of an Android emulator.

All the steps required to install WhatsTool on PC are mentioned in the coming sections. Also, if you are wondering about the requirements of Bluestacks, they are also mentioned in detail right in the next section.

WhatsTool for PC

Requirements to install WhatsTool PC version

  • Grab a laptop or PC with running Windows or macOS.
  • Then download an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox player.
  • Connect to an active internet connection.
  • You will need at least 4GB of free hard drive space.
  • 4GB or more of RAM for a better experience.
  • Follow the rest of this tutorial.

How to install WhatsTool on PC

  1. Open the downloaded emulator and run it (I am using Bluestacks).
  2. Head to the play store in the emulator.
  3. Write WhatsToolin the search bar.
  4. in the search results, tap WhatsToolVideo, and click install.
  5. Wait for a few minutes to finish the installation.
  6. Then you can launch WhatsTool for PC.

Best Alternatives

  • WhatStats
  • FamilyTrack
  • Chat Track
  • Whats Scan
  • WhatsTool Extra

Our Review

Once you use WhatsTool for PC, you will fall in love with this application. It opens a whole lot of new opportunities while using Whatsapp. It is recommended to install WhatsTool for PC if you want to enjoy using WhatsApp on your PC.

All the required steps of installing WhatsTool PC are explained in this tutorial, but if you face any trouble, you can contact us through the comment section.


Is there an official WhatsTool PC version?

No, it has no official WhatsTool PC version, but the Android version can be used as the WhatsTool PC.

Can I run WhatsTool on Windows?

Yes, but with the help of an Android emulator like the BlueStacks 4.2 or the NoxPlayer, you can run WhatsTool on Windows.

Is WhatsTool available in the Google Play Store?

Yes, its official version is available in the Play Store. In fact, You can download WhatsTool with the help of the Google Play Store.

How can I download WhatsTool for macOS?

You will need to use the BlueStacks 4.1 official in order to download WhatsTool for macOS.

Is it safe to get WhatsTool on PC?

YES! it is completely safe to download and install WhatsTool on PC. WhatsTool for PC is being installed via Google Play Store. There are no unsafe tools/methods involved here.

Is WhatsTool for PC FREE?

YES. WhatsTool is a completely free app for PC and also for Android.

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